Classes we offer include:



The IDTA Ballet syllabus is followed for all our Ballet classes. Children as young as 2 are invited to join our classes where we learn the discipline and fundamental ballet technique ensuring fun lessons whilst showing grace and elegance through expressive movement. Ballet technique is the foundation of all dance.


Tap lessons are a great way of learning about rhythm, syncopation, co-ordination and the sounds you can create! Good use of the feet and ankles combined with lots of energy makes the perfect tapper. Tap dancing can be very diverse in style; from the classic show 42nd Street to the rhythm infused Stomp. The IDTA syllabus is also studied within these classes to encourage students to take exams and enhance performance.


Freestyle is a very popular form of dance in the UK. It involves lots of dynamic movements including runs, kicks, spins and jumps performed to current pop music that the children can relate too. Freestyle can be performed to fast or slow music allowing the children to work on their performance and expression to suit the style. This style of dance requires constant energy for both lessons and exams.

Acrobatic Dance

Acrobatic Dance requires elegance and precision within movements. Taking inspiration from gymnastic floor work and elements of rhythmic gymnastics, students will learn new acrobatic movements and how to incorporate them into creative routines. Working in a pair is encouraged to create beautiful balances and lifts. Flexibility, strength, and carriage of the body will be worked on to create a well-rounded gymnast. Examinations can be taken through the IDTA for all levels of Acrobatic Dance.


Cheerleading is a vibrant and lively class perfect for team building and combining fitness with fun. Be prepared to chant your way through lessons, learning fast paced routines including stunts, tumbles, tosses and jumps. Don’t forget to wear your cheer bows to practise!

Street Dance 

Learn how to pop and lock in our popular Street Dance classes. This active dance style encourages interaction between other students and the audience, captivating their attention into this constantly developing dance style. Students often add their own characteristics to this class, giving them individual flair during routines.

Modern Jazz , Theatre Craft, Rock ‘n’ Roll & Lyrical/Contemporary 

These genres are available on a Private Lesson basis only.

Private Lessons

Private Lessons are offered to all students across our range of genres. Please contact Gemma if you feel that your child would benefit from one-to-one expertise to enhance their training further or if your child has missed a few classes and needs to catch up. Private lessons are tailored to suit each individual student and their ability.

Adult Classes

We are pleased to offer Adult Street & Freestyle and also two levels of Adult Tap. Classes are held on Monday & Thursday evenings. Please check our timetable for more details.

Children’s Birthday Parties 

Please email Gemma at with any enquires regarding Children’s Birthday Parties.

Lesson prices start from £4.00 per half an hour.